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A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams

A Course in Astral Travel and DreamsA Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belzebuub
aka Mark Pritchard (Absolute Publishing Group);(Reviewed by Windweaver)This nine-chapter book is the companion material to a free online course, purporting to teach astral projection to beginners in only nine weeks. It also covers “negative entities” and “conjurations” to counter these boogey-men. Hmmm…

Each chapter is focused on a certain aspect of the subject, and then concludes with a set of exercises meant to develop the student’s ability to have out-of-body experiences. What was never explained to my personal satisfaction was why I would want to have one. In fact, I did want to learn astral projection until I read the book, after which point I no longer feel a desire.

The subject of astral projection is in and of itself, complex, mystical, and at times downright unbelievable. The author purports Mastery and claims spiritual enlightenment of a quality and quantity that I really have no way to confirm or deny. What is apparent, though, is that the website IS available and well-organized like the book. It’s just that there is so much to swallow that seems, I hate to say it, outlandish. Perhaps even a tad absurd. Of course I could be completely wrong.

Perhaps someday I’ll discover a desire to try to astral project, at which point I’ll start to try all those exercises. Meanwhile I’ll just stick to simple meditation and prayer.