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366 Celt: Year And A Day Of Celtic Wisdom And Lore

By Carl McColman, Elements (Thorsons) 2005

In a small volume just slightly larger than pocket size, Mr. McColman
gives us all we ever wanted to know about Celtic wisdom and lore, past
and present. Bite sized pearls of wisdom grace the pages of this book.
Each of the 366 essays of the book is only a page long.

Mr. McColman packs a wallop into each paragraph. The book is divided
into sections with such headings as “The Path of the Fairies”,
“The Path of the Night” or The Path of Sacred Days”
with each section focusing on information reflective of the heading title.
Although the information does overlap in numerous places, the author does
such a good job in his collection of daily meditations that the book never
becomes repetitive.

Mr. McColman also avoids the all too familiar format of daily meditation
books by not placing a date on each page. In his brief but very informative
introduction, he explains that he wants the reader to enjoy the bits of
wisdom on whatever day they may choose to read them instead of being forced
to read certain passages in a prearranged progression. Spend a year and
a day in any order you like, but make sure to not miss a single page.
And for the avid reader who wants more there is a bibliography in the
end matter as well.

The author takes us through all forms of Celtic wisdom and lore. This
book crosses religious boundaries and historic ages. This book is an excellent
introduction to the many facets of the Celtic mythology and culture. Even
experienced students will find tidbits of interesting facts and wisdom
to sink their teeth into. The past is explained in relationship to the
present. Saints are given passages alongside mythic heroes and Gods and
Goddesses. While it’s main audience may well be a Pagan one, a person
of any religion will find much wisdom in its pages. Another winner from
Mr. McColman!

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