Court Jester leather crown for Halloween and Masquerade




The jingle of four pairs of brass bells add extra flare to this shaped blue, orange, gold and yellow court jester crown. H: 6 in W: 12 in A perfect solution for the person who needs to wear glasses to see, but still wants a fine hand-crafted leather costume. To be worn on the forehead or hair line, this fun sculpted leather crown jingles with every movement. Ties with matching blue ribbon. Ribbon can be replaced with elastic cord for a tighter fit.

Navy blue ground has little yellow swirls, while the contrasting orange ground has light blue circles. A carved leather band of gold separates the diamond patterned head piece from the typical jester points. The four largest points each have a pair of tiny brass bells attached.

Inside is painted a solid blue except for the orange points, which are also painted orange to complete the illusion. Made of 6 oz leather for long lasting wear. Painted in acrylic and oil paint and finished with an acrylic varnish to protect from moisture. Signed and dated by the artist.

Hardened and painted leather makes this mask a thing of beauty. Quality craftsmanship from fine added details of bell and tassel entitles this mask to be named a work of art. A shiny bright blue ribbon serves as a tie. When you aren’t wearing it, proudly display it on wall or shelf for all to enjoy.


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