Green Fox Spirit Leather Mask

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Bright green fur adorns this spirited Green Fox Spirit Leather Mask. Touches of black and silver compliment the boldness of the green background making this mask perfect for animal-style mischief.

The clever and adaptable fox does not run with a pack, but lives in small family units. Similar to the crow and coyote, fox has adapted to close living near humans. The fox is well-known in folklore for its cunning and intelligence. It was worshiped by the Inca in a prominent role in the Inca creation myth. The Celts considered the fox not only cunning, but a diplomatic and wise counselor. H: 10 in W: 15 in

Hardened and painted leather makes this mask a thing of beauty. Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail entitles this mask to be named a work of art. Green/gold ribbon provides the tie. When you aren’t wearing it, proudly display it on wall or shelf for all to enjoy.

Green Fox Spirit Leather Mask Green Fox Spirit Leather Mask Green Fox Spirit Leather Mask


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