SteamPunk Unicorn Leather Mask

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What can be more fantasy than a unicorn, a symbol of purity and grace, which can only be captured by a virgin? Add decorations of rivets, screws and gears and it transforms into a bit of technological inspiration. Painted in acrylic paint in browns and golds, this mask will suit someone with a medium-sized face. Created in a limited edition, you’re sure to be the only on sporting this magnificent visage. W: 13 in H: 5 in with a 3 in long horn.

Hardened and painted leather makes this mask a thing of beauty. Quality craftsmanship from detailed edges to the tie of gold snowflake embossed, white organza ribbon entitles this mask to be named a work of art. When you aren’t wearing it, proudly display it on wall or shelf for all to enjoy. Limited edition signed and numbered by the artist.

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