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Song of the Sea

Song of the SeaSong of the Sea by Sharon Knight

This CD is a blend of traditional Celtic harmonies with the unusual and strong vocals of a true ballad singer. The instrumentation is made up of the expected Celtic sounds of pipes and whistles, drums and guitar as well as that of mandola, mandocello and violin.

Ms. Knights vocals are a rich alto with a soul-felt timbre.  I am not often a fan of straight Celtic music, finding most of it rather repetitive and expected, but this collection takes the basics and adds a measure of individuality that surprises and delights the listener.

The CD has 11 tracks totalling almost an hour’s worth of entertainment. The title track Star of the Sea begins with a siren’s tale that sets the tune for what’s to follow. The songs will delight Pagan and non-Pagan alike in their tapestry of melodies and layers of sound.

The case has a booklet with the lyrics for those interested in following along.  To be honest, it was several times of listening to the CD before I actually registered the words because I found the compositions so enchanting by themselves. This a nice addition to any musical collection.