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Music Review: Mythcreants – Tricky Pixie


Beloved bard SJ Tucker and her Northwest bandmates come out with their first studio produced album with this long awaited CD.

Band members SJ Tucker, Betsy Tinney and Alexander Adams serve up a combination of hilarious and naughty in their August 2009 release Mythcreants.

Fans of Ms. Tucker will recognize some old favorites such as An Alligator in the House, but the versions on this new CD are slightly different from past renditions.

The CD play list is as follows:
1. Chickies in the House
2. Alligator in the House
3. Taglio!
4. Creature of the Wood
5. Daughter of the Glade
6. Tough Titty Cupcakes
7. Carousel
8. Mushroom Song
9. Water’s in the Hold
10. Dryad’s Promise
11. Tam Lin
12. Ballad of the Boy Cat

I listened to the album a multitude of times trying to pick my favorite, only to decide on one song, then hearing the next and having to declare that to be my selection. I couldn’t do it.

The voices, the instrumentation and the variety of musical rhythm and verse are extraordinary. Some of the offerings have so many layers of yum, it’s hard to focus on either the words or on the melodies together. I found I had to take each section in small bites so I could savor the entire experience.

The album ends on a rather off-color if hilarious note with The Ballad of the Boy Cat. Parents of younger children might find the meaning behind the song a bit embarrassing to explain, but they’ll have trouble doing so as they gasp for air from laughing.

Tricky Pixie bills themselves as gypsy, celtic folk rock for naughty punk faeries. Mythcreants certainly lives up to this description. A delightful combination of fun and frivolity, I highly recommend running out and getting this album as soon as possible. It is available as both a download or a hard copy CD.