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The Dark Archetype: Exploring the Shadow Side of the Divine

The Dark Archetype: Exploring the Shadow Side of the Divine
By Denise Dumars and Lori Nyx; New Page Books

Who’s afraid of the dark? I’m not after reading this book. The two authors with a somewhat odd sense of humor take the reader on a tour of 9 dark Goddesses and 9 dark Gods. They delve into the Holy Ones’ history and mythology in the first part of the book. In the second part of the book we are treated to a varying array of rituals, meditations and spells. The authors’ unique view of working on the dark side is both enlightening and refreshing. I usually find myself approaching any book that contains actually spells with a bit of dread but the workings in this book are very intriguing to say the least.

I write my own spells and rituals when I have need, but I found the original thoughts laid out in the many spells of this book something that I could use in my own future workings. I particularly was appreciative of the first chapter on how to properly work with these dark Lords and Ladies. Some of the personalities can be quite tricky to work with. Many of the Gods and Goddesses on the dark side have a tendency to bring drastic change and massive upheaval into a petitioner’s life, so the repeated warning of honoring and respecting these strong Beings is well placed throughout the book’s chapters.

If you find yourself in need of more than all sweetness and light, this is the book for you. Spells and rituals range from the standard protection to fertility to astral travel. Meditations and talisman creations are among the many excellent workings as well. An thought provoking and entertaining book, although, I wouldn’t recommend actually using this book to any but the most experienced practitioners. I would also be careful when working with any of these Divine Beings, you just might end up with more than you’re prepared to handle.