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Review: The Green Man by Michael Bedard

The Green Man by Michael Bedard

The Green Man by Michael Bedard coverThe Green Man by Michael Bedard

Ophelia (but please, only call her O) needs to spend the summer with her aunt when her father travels to Italy on business. Her aunt, Emily, is a poet and O wonders if she’s more than a bit crazy.  It’s important because O is drawn to write poems, herself, and she doesn’t want to go round the bend if that’s what happens to writers. Especially, poets.

When O arrives in Caledon she begins to wonder who is really taking care of who. Her aunt has let things slide because of a heart attack and the used bookstore, the Green Man, she owns, and resides above is in a sorry state. O decides it’s up to her to bring the shop back from the brink of disaster.

She sets about cleaning up the mess and the dust in the bookstore, apartment and her aunt’s life. Along the way a mysterious boy captures her fancy, and she meets some of her aunt’s old friends and learns a great deal she never knew about her aunt. An unexpected windfall might be just the thing to turn her aunt’s fortunes around. Or isn’t it?

But there’s more to it than that. There’s magic afoot, and ghosts, and an evil entity out to do her aunt harm. At least according to the memories Emily shares with her. And what about those disturbing dreams? O doesn’t know what to believe. In the end she decides belief is irrelevant and doing what needs to be done is what’s really important.

This book is an enjoyable and easy read. I did find there to be a lack of depth with the supporting character development. There are also several loose ends with secondary plots that leave the reader with unanswered questions at the end of the book. On the whole they didn’t bother me, but I would have liked them wrapped up in another chapter or two because for me the book felt “unfinished.”

Note: I received an ARC of this title from NetGalley for review.