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The Pocket Spell Creator

The Pocket Spell Creator: Magickal References at Your Fingertips
By Keri Connor; New Page Books (Career Press)

This book is exactly what it sounds like. It is a small pocket sized edition. Listed inside are a variety of correspondences ranging from the moon phase to oils and herbs. A short two page chapter on ethics states the standard “harm none” code we all should know. There are sample spells and circle casting phraseology. The author includes several pages to record your own spells or rituals and the results of each one for future reference.

There is nothing really new here except a bunch of listings all in one easy to transport book. There are several authors in the bibliography who’s information is sometimes less than accurate but for the particular herbs and colors etc, that I have personal knowledge about the information in Ms. Connor’s book seems accurate. If you are just starting to create your own spells, this book can be helpful. A more experienced witch might like to flip through it if they have 10 minutes or so to spare to refresh failing memories.