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The Veil’s Edge: Exploring the Boundaries of Magic

The Veil's Edge: Exploring the Boundaries of MagicThe Veil’s Edge: Exploring the Boundaries of Magic
By Willow Polson; Citadel Press (Kensington Publishing Corp.)

This book starts out with a brief lesson on science. Quantum physics to be exact. The author makes quite a good argument on the similarities between quantum mechanics and magic. She convinced me, but then again, I have always compared using magic to using electricity. Great when you know how to control it, but it can fry you silly when out of control.

The book goes on from there, getting weirder with every chapter. The author again and again warns those new to the Path to wait before trying the various exercises and the rituals are meant for covens and groups with experience only.

In this book we learn how to mend a tear in the fabric between the worlds. We learn about humans who are really Fea and other mythical creatures. We even learn all about controlling group dynamics when something or someone is “off”. There is a lot of information and quotes from various big name Pagans in the book.

I found the book on the whole a very good and easy read. I, however, am entirely too much a part of THIS world to attempt some of the more outlandish suggestions. Plus, since most of them are for groups and I am Solitary, I doubt it will be any time soon where I am even in a position to attempt the less outlandish rituals. If you are part of an established, (and I mean one that’s been around for years) stable coven, this may be a good book to have in your coven library. I’d buy a good salt shaker to go with it though.