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The Wiccan Book of Rites and Rituals

The Wiccan Book of Rites and Rituals The Wiccan Book of Rites and Rituals: A collection of spells for every magickal day of the year
By Sister Moon, Citadel Press (Kensington)

Oh puhlease!!! Who are these people? Even before I had reached numbered pages in this book, the word warlock had been used twice in connection with the witches who might happen to be reading the preface and acknowledgments. I guess no one bothered to tell the writer that a warlock is not synonymous with a male witch.

I attempted to put that aside and moved onto the main portion of the book. The reader is given two tables with the magickal hours of the day and night. Pay attention, you will need these tables to know the exact right time to cast each spell. There are even spells specifically for Friday the 13th, a chapter each for either a waning or waxing moon.

This book is so steeped in dogma; it’s hard to swallow. It reads like a private coven’s Book of Shadows. This outsider, for one, is not interested in becoming a member of their group. I prefer rituals that I can use when I have need of them, rather than waiting for the exact right time for the casting of a spell. I also have a problem with spell work that requires items and potions so specific that the author found it necessary to list the shop where the products are carried.
I am assuming a book of spells such as these were written with a beginner in mind. Unfortunately for that beginner, there is no glossary to explain the terms such as “deosil” and “Call of Order.” I also believe that someone who has enough knowledge to know these terms has begun writing his or her own spells for their immediate needs.

The rituals and spells cover the usual prosperity, negativity and true love genres and then there are the mostly useless like the one for a pregnant mare about to foal. How many witches do you know who have breeding horses? One spell, called Healing Brew, is a recipe for chicken soup. It might actually be tasty but the author instructs the reader to turn off the crock-pot and let the soup sit on the counter for three hours. Could this also a recipe for food poisoning?

If you can sift through all the nonsense, the ritual poems and spell ideas have some redeeming value. Many are quite lyrical in their rhyme and meter. There are a few for the greater good that might actually be worth casting if you can wait for the right month, day and hour to do the spell.

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  1. Sister Moon does a fabulous job of explaining all of the magikal days along with great tips and facts. I found it a very interesting read as well as a very helpful one. The best advice for the beginer would be found in the first section of the book, “The Wolfs Moon” as well as in the before you read notes. A graet book that was very helpful to me as well as fun to read.

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